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The Delhi Warriors


Wheelchair Rugby was introduced to India by ESCIP in 2008 and has served as a catalyst for independent living and peer support among the SCI community in Delhi.  For a person suddenly immobilized in a wheelchair to see that she can experience the community of a team, travel to tournaments, and participate in a full-contact Paralympic sport that is affectionately called “Murderball” – it captures the imagination.  ESCIP provides transportation to weekly practices for those participants in need, and we incorporate wheelchair skill training and social gatherings at the ESCIP House into our rugby program.  Are you in Delhi and want to get involved?  Visit our facebook page and contact us!



How does one play Murderball, exactly?  Just kill the man with the ball. 

The best place to learn more about playing wheelchair rugby is at the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation website,  Here you can watch demonstration videos of games, rules, and hear the personal experiences of quadriplegic players whose lives have been changed as a result of their involvement.


There are 26 countries that currently play wheelchair rugby on a competitive level (United States of America, Austrailia, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Finland, France, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Italy, Korea, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Ireland, and South Africa) and 20 countries that are currently developing such teams (Bolivia, Chile, China, Ecuador, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Malaysia, Nepal, New Caledonia, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, and United Arab Emerites).  

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